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How to troubleshoot engine cylinder gasket?

Release time:2017-07-05       Article hits:

Engine cylinder pad is one of the many products used in life now, especially in the use of the vehicle, is the largest, regardless of the size type car has its shadow, then, if the product failure how to eliminate? Today, Xiao Bian will tell you about it.
The product is one of the most commonly used cylinder gaskets in the automobile. It is located between the cylinder head and the cylinder block. It guarantees the sealing of the cylinder through the cylinder head bolt, and prevents the leakage of gas, cooling water and lubricating oil. It must tightly seal the high temperature and high pressure gas produced in the cylinder and the cooling water and engine oil with a certain pressure and velocity through the cylinder pad, and withstand the corrosion of water, gas and oil. A shock failure between the piston of the engine and the cylinder. The engine cylinder gasket can be simply understood as the impact fault of the piston and cylinder or cylinder pad. Common cylinder pad ablation is due to the impact of high temperature and high pressure gas cylinder pad, burnt out packets mouth, retainer and asbestos, lead to cylinder leakage, lubricating oil, cooling water leakage. When the product breaks down, be sure to remove it in time.
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